TS News - FCC Strikes Down Dish Ban

TELE-satellit News, 24 July 1997

FCC Strikes Down Dish Ban
  WASHINGTON, DC, USA, 97/07/24 (SatND) -- The U.S. Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) ruled against a Kansas town's regulation that restricted
the installation of satellite dishes. It was the first such order issued
under the new telecommunications law.

  The FCC now has authority to pre-empt local restrictions that make it
hard for consumers to install and use small satellite dishes (except when
local rules are justified by safety or historic preservation
considerations.) In this case, local regulation in Meade, Kansas, made it
difficult for consumers to install satellite dishes or other antennas. It
required an antenna user not only to obtain a US$5 permit but also to win
city approval of the antenna's placement. The measure included "property
setback regulations" which the FCC said were not defined, and a heavy fine
for violators: US$500 per day.  

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