TS News - Japan's Superbird-C Launched

TELE-satellit News, 4 August 1997

Japan's Superbird-C Launched
  TOKYO, Japan, 1997/08/04 (TS) -- Superbird-C, a communications satellite
for Space Communications Corp. was launched last week and will shortly
begin undergoing testing before being put into service later this year. The
satellite will be used by DirecTV Japan to launch its digital multichannel
broadcasting service.

  Superbird-C is an HS 601 body-stabilized satellite and joins SCC's
existing fleet of Superbird-A and Superbird-B to provide digital
multichannel broadcasting services and business communications services
throughout Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, including Hawaii. The
spacecraft has 24 active transponders powered by 90-watt, linearized
traveling wave tube amplifiers.  Superbird-C also has a pair of four-panel
solar arrays that will generate a total of 4,500 watts of electrical power.
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