TS News - TDF-2 Joins Eutelsat Fleet

TELE-satellit News, 4 August 1997

TDF-2 Joins Eutelsat Fleet
  PARIS, France, 1997/08/04 (TS) -- Following a contract signed between
Eutelsat and TDF (part of the France Telecom group), the TDF2 television
satellite has joined Eutelsat's fleet of satellites. The satellite is
currently being repositioned from 19 degrees West to 36 degrees East to
provide capacity for a private Russian television broadcaster who will
transmit programmes over European Russia. TDF2 will be joined next year at
36 degrees East by Eutelsat TDF2 and SESAT in order to constitute a key
eastern orbital position for Eutelsat.

  Operational since mid-1990, TDF2 is expected to remain in service at
least until early 1999. The satellite operates in the BSS band (11.7-12.5
GHz) which is reserved for television broadcasts to direct-to-home
antennas. In-orbit control of TDF2 is managed by the CNES (Centre National
d'Etudes Spatiales), the French space agency.

  TDF2 joins the eight satellites already operated by Eutelsat. Sever. new
satellites are also under construction, two of which (Hot Birds 3 and 4)
will be launched before the end of the year. In addition to television and
radio broadcasts to DTH, cable and community networks the Eutelsat
satellites are used for multimedia services, telephony, EBU transmissions,
business communications and the EUTELTRACS messaging and positioning
service for mobiles.

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