TS News - Agila-2 Launched

TELE-satellit News, 20 August 1997

Agila-2 Launched
  PALO ALTO, California, USA, 97/08/20 (TS) -- The Philippines' Agila 2
satellite was launched successfully from the Xichang Satellite Launch
Center in Sichuan Province, China, today. A Long March 3B satellite took
the craft into orbit at 1:50am local time on August 20. The satellite is
owned by Mabuhay Philippines Satellite Corporation (MPSC) and will be used
for digital DTH television and communications.

  The Agila satellite, the most powerful telecommunications satellite in
service in the Asia-Pacific region, operates 30 C-band transponders at 27
watts, and 24 Ku-band transponders at 110 watts that are combinable to 12
high-power transponders at 220 watts. It is a Space Systems/Loral FS-1300
type satellite.

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