TS News - Universal To Launch In Europe

TELE-satellit News, 21 August 1997

Universal To Launch In Europe
  MUNICH, Germany, 97/08/21 (SatND) -- Universal Studios is preparing to
launch its first international cable and satellite television service.
"13th Street -- The Action and Suspense Channel" will debut in France on
November 13, 1997. Launches in Germany and Spain will follow in 1998.

  The 13th Street schedule will run 20 hours a day and will be built around
local product acquisitions as well as Universal's extensive library of
classic action and suspense programming. Among the highlights are the
premieres of two new Universal series, New York Undercover and American
Gothic. The channel will also offer marketing support through promotional
tie-ins with Universal's home video, theatrical, music, theme park and
consumer products divisions.

  It is very unlikely that the channel will be free-to-air anywhere as Tony
Garland, senior vice president, Universal Studios Networks commented that
it "will add value to cable and satellite platforms in markets around the

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