TS News - ORF To Begin Satellite Broadcasts

TELE-satellit News, 8 September 1997

ORF To Begin Satellite Broadcasts
  BERLIN, Germany, 97/09/08 (TS) -- For years the only Austrian TV
available by satellite has been small chunks of programming on the 3sat
satellite program of ARD, ZDF, SRG and ORF, but that will all change from
1998. ORF, the state broadcaster, has announced plans to join the ZDF
digital bouquet on Astra 1G from 1998 with transmissions of its ORF 2
channel and TW1, a tourism and weather channel. But this doesn't represent
a sudden embracing of satellite technology by the broadcaster in Vienna.
ORF 2 needs the satellite channel to cover all of Austria and TW1 is keen
to expand overseas to promote the country as a tourist destination.
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