TS News - Macrovision Signs With BSkyB, Reuters

TELE-satellit News, 12 September 1997

Macrovision Signs With BSkyB, Reuters
  LONDON, England, 97/09/12 (TS) -- Macrovision says it has licensed
Macrovision's pay-per-view copy protection technology to British Sky
Broadcasting (BSkyB) for inclusion in its digital video network.
Additonally, the company announced Reuters Television has acquired multiple
VES-TM MiniCrypt encryption CODECs to secure news programming which is
transmitted over satellite links between Pakistan, Dehli and Singapore.  

  Under the terms of the BSkyB deal, the programmer will implement
Macrovision copy protection in its satellite uplink centers and in the
digital set-top decoders it will deploy throughout its network. In
addition, BSkyB will include copy protection control capability in its
system software, and will require copy protection capability for its
digital set-top decoders.  

  "We are pleased to have finalized this important agreement which will
enable us to include Macrovision's copy protection technology in all our
digital set-top decoders for the UK market," said Ian West, Director -
Digital and Business Development at BSkyB.  "This capability will allow us
to protect copyrighted programme material, and is designed to prevent
unauthorized recording of PPV programmes."

  "The Macrovision VES-TM MiniCrypt system was chosen because of its
simplicity and price performance, which provides Reuters with an effective
way to secure our picture footage during transmission from Pakistan to
Singapore," said Phil Thomas, Reuters' project manager. "It makes a solid
contribution to our news distribution network."

  The VES-TM MiniCrypt is a hand-held, DC-powered encryption system
designed for ENG/SNG and other remote broadcast operations. VES-TM CODECs
measure 1" x 4" x 7" (30mm x 110mm x 173mm), weigh less than two pounds,
and consume less than 5 watts from a 7 to 30 volt DC input.  Two channels
of audio scrambling are also provided. A multistandard design makes the
system capable of processing all NTSC, PAL and SECAM video formats.

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