TS News - DirecTV Japan Announces Launch Details

TELE-satellit News, 17 October 1997

DirecTV Japan Announces Launch Details
  TOKYO, Japan, 97/10/17 (TS) -- DirecTV Japan will begin subscription
services on December 1, the company has announced, with a test service
beginning one month earlier in November. The new digital multichannel
service will launch with 91 channels, some of which have been disclosed.

  Movie Channels will include Momo Channel (Japanese movies), Coming Soon
TV (Hollywood news), V Paradise (straight to video movies), WOWOW Plus 1
(Hollywood blockbusters), WOWOW Plus 2 (Japanese and foreign movies),
Cinefil Imagica (unreleased movies in Japan), Overseas Master Piece
(foreign) and Star Channel (Hollywood blockbusters), Hollywood Movie and
Samurai Movies. 

  Music will come from Music Trip Japan, BET (US), MCM (France), Healing
Music Channel, Classica Japan, MTV Japan and two as yet unnamed channels of
country music and latin music.

  Sports will include WOWOW Sports & Specials, Gaora, The Golf Channel and
four other channels. Educational and documentary channels will include
Outdoor Channel (US), Book TV, NBC Japan, LALA Europe, Travel Channel, Food
Network International, Theater Television, Home Channel, Let's Try and Dr
Nakamatsu Channel. Additional services will bring domestic travel, foreign
travel, diet and nutrition, European culture, European fashion, adventure
and American women's programming.

  Drama will be found on Super Channel plus a home drama and American TV
drama channel. Animation will include Anima Theater X, Family Theater and a
non-stop animation service. News will come from Nippon Cable News (NCN,
Nippon TV), TBS News (JNN), CNN International, Asahi Newstar, Nikkei
Satellite News plus a weather, international news and business service.

  Racing will be carried on the Leisure Channel (boat racing), three
bicycle racing channels, Green Channel (Horse Racing), two additional horse
racing channels and an Auto Race pay per view service. Finally, Playboy
will supply two services (International and Japanese adult movies) and the
Crystal Channel will also broadcast adult movies (new AV actress). DirecTV
will run a single promotional channel, there will be a JBS channel for
people with disabilities and an audio music service.

  Pricing details will be announced later in the month.
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