TS News - Eutelsat Purchases New Satellite

TELE-satellit, 6 November 1997

Eutelsat Purchases New Satellite
  PARIS, France, 97/11/06 (TS) -- Eutelsat has signed a contract with
Aerospatiale for a fourth satellite in the W series that will be
operational at 36 degrees East in early 1999. Called W4, the satellite will
enable Eutelsat to respond to market demands in Russia in particular. It
will be one of a number of Eutelsat satellites at 36 degrees East, which
include TDF2 which will start television broadcasts this month, and the new
SESAT satellite which will go into service in early 1999.
  Equipped with 32 transponders and including in particular a steerable
beam, W4 will mainly be used with fixed beam coverage over Russia for
analogue and digital television transmissions by a private Russian
broadcaster with the agreement of the Russian government.
  Eutelsat was set up in 1977 to operate satellites for fixed and mobile
communications in Europe. In addition to television and radio broadcasts
the ten Eutelsat satellites in operation are used for multimedia services,
telephony, EBU transmissions, business communications and the EUTELTRACS
messaging and positioning service for mobiles. Seven new Eutelsat
satellites, including W4, are currently under construction.
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