WinOrbit: Satellite Tracking

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Almost everything you need to run the WinOrbit prediction program is in the file WINORBnn.ZIP. (See below for an additional file which is required). [Be sure to use the -d option with PKUNZIP (unnecessary with the freeware Info-Zip version), to properly retain/create the subdirectories]. You can download it from one of the following sites by clicking on the link:

Download VBRUN300.DLL.

In addition, you will need the Microsoft file VBRUN300.DLL. This is a large file, and you may already have it from other software installations. Check in your C:\WINDOWS\ or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ directories to see if you can save yourself the download time. If you do need the file, you can download the self-extracting program (VBRUN300.EXE) or ZIP file from one of the sites below. You will then need to UNZIP or RUN this program to create the .DLL file. This file is provided free of charge to users of WinOrbit.

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Last Revised: 19 Jan 1998.