Australian ISPs Link To U.S. Via PanAmSat

Australian ISPs Link To U.S. Via PanAmSat

Sydney, Australia, 12 February 1998 (TS-ASIA) -- PanAmSat has announced the
company's trans-Pacific satellite capabilities are enabling several of
Australia's Internet service providers (ISPs) to obtain high-speed access
to Internet data originating in the United States.

AAPT Sat-Tel, Ourworld Global Network and NetConnect Communications signed
up for PanAmSat's SPOTbytes service, an Internet service that includes
transmissions capacity on the PAS-2 Pacific Ocean Region satellite and
access to the U.S. Internet backbone through PanAmSat's teleport in Napa,

AAPT Sat-Tel has leased 27 megahertz of capacity on the PAS-2 Ku-band
Australia/New Zealand beam to carry a 45 megabit per second (T3) link.
Ourworld uses 9 megahertz on the same beam for an 8 megabits per second
link, although this will be doubled this month, said PanAmSat. NetConnect
currently uses a T1 circuit (1.5 megabits per second) link across the
satellite on the same beam.

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