DirecTV Japan Announces New Pricing Packages

DirecTV Japan Announces New Pricing Packages

Tokyo, Japan, 24 February 1998 (TS-ASIA) -- DirecTV Japan has announced new
pricing packages that will come into effect from April 1, along with its
new programming packages.

Silver pack: 2,980 yen per month
Includes: MTV Japan, MCM, M-BROS, Music Japan Network TV, Pioneer Karaoke
Channel, CoCoRo TV, Super Channel, Family Theater, CSN 1 Movie Channel,
Samurai Channel, Cartoon Network, Comin' Soon TV, SF Channel, Home Channel,
Discovery Channel, Lala Europe, Book TV, TV Jyamaru, Keiko and Manabu
Channel, Let's Try, Food Channel, She-TV, TVK Yokohama, NNN24, Asahi
Newstar, CNN International, Intelligent Weather News, Nikkei Satellite
News, NBC Asia, JNN News Bird, The Golf Channel, plus 29 channel audio
programs from Radio Complex Japan.

Gold pack: 4,480 yen per month
Includes: all silver pack services plus, BET on Jazz, CMT, HTV, V Paradise,
Cinefil Imagica, Theater Television, Fashion TV, Food Network
Internationa;, Travel Channel, Outdoor Channel, MXTV, CNBC Asia, Bloomberg
TV, BBC World, QuesTV

Sports pack: 2,000 yen per month
Includes: Golf Network, J-SPORTS, The Golf Channel, Exciting Sports

Platinum pack: 5,980 yen per month
Includes: all silver and gold pack channels plus sports pack channels

American pack: 1,500 yen per month, or 1,000 yen per month with silver pack
Includes: NBC Asia, BET on Jazz, CoCoRo TV, CMT, HTV, SF Channel, She-TV,

Premium channels: per month
Star Channel, 2,500 yen
MOMO Channel, 1,500 yen
WOWOW Movie Channel, 1,000 yen
Power Movie, 1,600 yen
Animation X, 1,500 yen
Classica Japan, 3,000 yen
GAORA, 900 yen
International sports channel (ESPN), 950 yen
WOWOW Sports and Music, 1,500 yen
JBS, 2,000 yen
Green Channel, 1,600 yen
Leisure Channel, 1,500 yen
Racing Channel, 1,500 yen
Playboy Channel, 2,500 yen
Channel Ruby, 2,500 yen

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