Apstar-1 Signals Jammed - Report

Apstar-1 Signals Jammed - Report

Tokyo, Japan, 26 March 1998 (SAT-ND) -- On March 14, an interfering signal
was received by the Apstar-1 satellite for the first time, according to
reports, and has not ceased so far. The Beijing China Youth Daily reported
today that investigators did not rule out an attack by domestic or foreign

It's not a problem with the satellite, technicians said, and the
interfering signal was clearly coming from somewhere on the ground. The
jamming caused some serious problems for more than 400 securities and
futures companies and 100 paging services, cutting off service to more than
10 million pager users, the newspaper said. Most services have in the
meantime been restored by switching them to other Apstar transponders.

Source: Sat-ND, Peter Klanowski

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