TVNZ Director Quits

TVNZ Director Quits

Auckland, New Zealand, 28 April 1998 (TS-ASIA) -- Television New Zealand
announced today that its Director of Television, Neil Roberts, has resigned
from the company. Chief Executive, Rick Ellis, said Roberts had been a key
member of the senior management team for the past 12 months, introducing a
new vision for the company.

Roberts said that when he joined TVNZ it was with the express intention of
making a difference by bringing his creative energy to the organisation.
"It's now time for me to move on to my next project," he said.

The local TV industry is buzzing with speculation about a battle between
Roberts and TVNZ leading to his resignation. In the light of this, TVNZ
issued a second statement denying the rumors.

"It is extremely disappointing that the allegation of a personal grievance
was made by Mr Roberts' legal representative, as Mr Roberts had by that
time chosen to resign during a planned TVNZ restructure."

"Mr Roberts has today confirmed to the Chief Executive that his earlier
allegations regarding the 60 Minutes programme on Mercury Energy had been
thoroughly refuted by Paul Cutler, the Managing Editor of News and Current
Affairs, and Shaun Brown, acting Editor in Chief, and all those involved in
the programme. TVNZ's Chief Executive, Rick Ellis, again confirmed that
there is no substance to those allegations," said the statement.

TVNZ's Board Chairman, Rosanne Meo, said "the attempt to misconstrue my
personal communication with Paul Holmes is of significant concern. I regard
Paul as a friend and he is fully aware of my genuine admiration for him and
his obvious abilities. However, he also knows of my unequivocal support for
the TVNZ stance in respect of the mayoralty issue."

Mrs Meo said "This attempt to discredit my integrity and to damage my
personal and professional reputation has obviously been very distressing to
me and my family and I am disappointed and concerned at the perpetuation of
these issues when they have already been refuted as unfounded."

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