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G'Day viewers...Well it is readers contributions today!

A short article follows submitted by Patrick Middleton from Geelong in
Victoria Australia.

On Friday 25th, 
Australis who is the parent company of  GALAXY TV on OPTUS B3 156E,
purchased FOXTEL from Murdoch's Newscorpe and  Telstra  corp, but at the
same time Newscope and telstra purchased a 3rd  each of Australis!!!, 
This then gets Australis out of it  programming commitment to FOXTEL which
was a 20 year contract to provide  programming to FOXTEL, But has opened up
AUSTRALIS/GALAXY to access FOXTEL  program line up, Australis has been
making big loses in PAY TV in  Australia. 
Recently Telstra has ceased their cable  roll out for FOXTEL, Because of
Australia's large geological layout and low population density it is not
suited for a "Cable" pay tv system, the main reason that OPTUSVISION  and
FOXTEL originally decided to use cable to distribute their programs was so
that they could compete for local phone calls and future high speed
Internet  access etc 
Australis/Galaxy has already set up and  developed there DTH Mpeg service
and now FOXTEL is going to try and piggy back  into regional Australia? 
A similar move which  OPTUSVISION tried to do earlier this year, but FOXTEL
stopped through a court  injunction, because of the Programming agreement
that Australis/Galaxy/Foxtel  already had. 
OptusVision  added today, That they are looking into distributing their
programming package  by themselves through the OPTUS satellites, and not
with Australis/Galaxy  package which had been planed to have already
started earlier this  month 
In Early August Australis/Galaxy is planning to  Adding TNT/Cartoon network
to it MPEG service on OPTUS B3, but will not be  adding it to there MDS
(microwave terrestrial) service as this system is already  loaded to its
limit!, to bad if you have MDS not DTH  satellite,

In Australia you can now choose between Satellite or  MDS service when
connecting to GALAXY.
Satellite  I believe is more expensive on a monthly  basis.
The MDS system is only available in major  metropolitan areas, Patrick
Middleton Geelong

>Question? Does TVNZ make it to anywhere in OZ? If so, where and how strong?
>Is it now a boquet of 3 , or three seperate frequencies.

It's actually four SCPC's ... 4186 / 4178 / 4170 / 4162  the last one being
the strongest here.  Fec 3/4 and Ms 5.631 - locks on a Nokia but reckon
it's CA.  Most folk here do not have circular capability so it's often hard to
get good reports of Intelsat activity.  Will be nice when 701 takes the place
of 511 !
John Lynam <john@baysat.co.nz>
Thanks to John for that info and the only question is now for the clever
Have you seen TVNZ in Australia?

Show you mine time.

There is a giant carrier on Intelsat 702 on Ku band
in the region of the space tv systems package.
I can not see it as I only have an anologue rx with an s/strength meter for
It appaers at about the intensity of CFI on palapa c2.
At his location in Mt Gambier South Australia CFI is a STRONG signal.
Thanks to Wayne Kilpatrick.
His equipment!
3.2 metre dish with dual feed and an echostar analogue Rx.

A few people have asked about my equipment.
Not very flash..
Panasat analogue Rx.
BT analogue Rx.
Hyundai HS100c digital Rx
2.4 metre mesh dish for C band.
1.8 metre solid dish for Ku
80 cm dish for camping and demonstrations.
Plus lots of cable running everywhere.
I am aradio amateur as well and I experiment with all types of antennas.
I have the dish farm on the roog of the house so I can at least see noises on
Pas 4 which is 7 degrees off the horizon from this location.
When atmospheric conditions are right I can actually get clear pictures from
a couple of services on Pas4 other than The Discovery Channel (whis is B-Mac)

Ok now you have seen mine.May we all see yours?

The most unique setups are the ones I have seen on caravans in the outback.
Things like a large rubbish bin lid or a wok with an LNB for Ku in front of it.
These are the equivalent of your low gain terrestial tv aerial or as some of us
know them the Co-tanger (Coathanger) or even a piece of wire.

Cheers for now,
Catch Ya later.

Bevin Boden
Ascot Park
South Australia

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