Pas 5

Late Breaking News.

Well Pas 5 at least got off the ground today.
00.32 z Carried aloft by a Russian Proton Rocket.
All stages appeared to burn correctly and in another six hours or so it
should be safely in a parking orbit.
Patrick Middleton sent the organisers an email asking that they use a spare
transponder on Pas2 so as we could see it in this part of the world. I am
pleased to say it appeared on at least 4 different spots 2 analog and 2
All NTSC  though.But who cares, it was there.

I have been asked about my sighting of I 802.
No! it is not visible through mu binoculars altough at that position that
is west of I 702 and east of Pas2 there are 2 very improved signals. 1 has
gone from 2-3 and the other has gone from 3 to 4 in signal strength.
4166 mhz is the strongest with mostly feeds of complete news services as
they are broadcast from Hong Kong Manilla and other Asian countries as
required for NHK in Japan.
The other frequency carries press confrences and late breaking news (to
coin a phrase used by that cable news network from Atlanta in North America

Geography Question?
New Zealanders first. Do you know where Bulls and Levin are? No?
Australians now.... Coonalpyn and Cootamundra? No?
All of you now...Atlanta and Chicago? Yes?
See what I mean you are watching too much American television.
The big question at the moment is what satellite is transmitting. I assume
I 802. How about you?

Some useful things for you to impress your friends.
The news in english and other english programming can be seen at these times.
In Zulu (Not the African one you twit.)
Sundays at 13.30 WTN on As2 has a roundup of the weeks best news clips
Daily at 14.30 15.00 DV on the European bouquet News in review.

On Palapa C2 you can watch the G.P. motorbikes and cars live.
This is good when they are in europe as if you are in Aussie you can watch
these Sunday evenings instead of those blockbuster first release movies
that are not always too flash.
If you miss it direct and dont want to watch at 4 oclock in the morning you
can catch the GP activities on the digital SPSC's on As2 usually a week
later.Hard luck if you live in NZ with that 2 deg look at As2.

These are a selection of test cards seen on I 701 or I802 and I702.
Is 702 has frequencies of 4195 R and 4166 R
Is 701/802 has frequencies of 4166R and 4188R
I have noticed the feeds on4166 are usually on at different times altough
they do overlap transmission times.
The other two frequencies are used less frequently and were seperated in
frequency (were 4188) after a few days of activity.
GDTV NEWS (Guangdong)
The feed on 4166 is always NTSC and the feed on 4188/4195  can be either
I have not seen any pictures off the Hallmark feed on As2 yet, it is still
a blank screen.
The not so flash Hyundai.
Aurora on Optus seems to have 1 channel in the clear and nothing on the
other channels.
What do you get?
The not so flash Hyundai again?
I think the ROM chips in the Hyundai need a modification.
Cheers for now,

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