I 701 is here.

Well I believe it has happened.
Either the spiders have vacated my feed horn, the co-ax has repaired itself or,
I 701 is on the air.
Do not look at the satellite with the naked eye or you could get your
eyeballs burnt out.
It appeared to happen like this.

I have been leaving the dish on 180 deg when I am not using it just in case
I could catch the change over.
Well I missed it. I was watching still more late breaking news on CNN on
Pas 2 when it all apparently happened.
I 511 was on the air with its usual signals at 15.30 UTC but I lost
interest and went to bed.
At 23.00 UTC on the 3rd that is 08.30 on the 4th in South Australia  I
thought I had better check it out before going to work. I had the rx tuned
to the CNN frequency and I thought I was looking at Pas 2.
The tv in the bedroom had been on and I had been watching something about
Princess Diana and thought little of it.
The signal was so good.... No sparklies no nothing. Just a big signal.

When I went to change positions I switched over to the Worldnet channel and
swung the dish around at the same time. I was a little miffed as I had
reached the Eastern limit if the dish.I had not seen anything....
When I came back I realised what I had been watching. Viewers in NZ and
Tahiti must now be worrying about a radiation problem. Well it was now
tuning and checking time.....
This is what I have seen so far....

3720 R	CNN feeds	NTSC	6.6	was S4 now S5
3880 R	unknown	NTSC enc	6.6	was S3 now S4
3900 R	Globecast 	NTSC	6.6	Was S3 now S5
3975 R	WorldNet	PAL	6.6	Was s4-5 now 5+
4047 R	RFO Thti	SECAM	6.6	Was s3 now S5
4130 R	Globecast	NTSC	6.6	Was S3 now S4
4142 R	CBS feeds	NTSC Vidx	6.6	Was S2 now S4

In order to complete the record I made an expensive phone call to NZ
(daylight rates)
to find out the following. I have not seen any of these on this bird yet.
If you do please let me know..

These are correct for the  time being. (They are due for some change I am
4162 R	TVNZ Feeds	MPEG-2-Power Vu	SR5632 - FEC 3/4
4170 R 	TVNZ Feeds	MPEG-2-Power Vu	SR5632 - FEC 3/4
4178 R	TVNZ Feeds	MPEG-2-Power Vu	SR5632 - FEC 3/4
4186 R	TVNZ Feeds	MPEG-2-Power Vu	SR5632 - FEC 3/4
Altough they are listed as power Vu these signals change standard to
accomodate the other carriers that use them.
I tried the other frequencies listed but I did not see anything.
3741 L
3936 R
4091 R 	Radio prog.  (that is not to say it is not there.) Who knows the Sr
and Fec?

These signal strengths may change as there are probably a few adjustments
to be made.
Have you watched I 801 lately?
It has actually dropped in signal strength here.

I have been asked by a few people how well I receive the MEGA TV package
off Palapa c2.
This little gem was taken from DX-Corner...
It might answer a few more questions.
The Digiscan won't  receive this service , additionally in Brisbane we
require a 10 foot to 12 foot dish minimum with an ADL400  feed horn and 17
deg LNB , a Samsung with special software will work , the HSS100 wont lock
in on low signal , we have tested both from Brisbane , check your signal
strength first .
Thanks to ..
Darrel Vecchio
If he has trouble I need a BIGGER dish.

Questions, Questions always questions....
We need answers here....
Tony Cooke from the Solomon Islands has a few...
He writes.
Are the following channels free to air if one has an MPEG-2 - PowerVu
reciever, as implied on the PAS 2 chart at SATCO DX, or are they encrypted?

- ESPN 2 at 3,707 V
I do not see it.
- The Discovery Channel at 3,776 H
I believe I do not see it because it is looking for a CA module and I have
This does not have a CA module.
- California Bouquet at 3,901 H
I recieve CMT,EWTN,BBC World and Bloomberg.Sometimes The Golf Channel.
- NBC Bouquet at 4,093 V
NBC is OK! about 8 channels there.
- the various channels listed at

4,148 V The Chinese channel.
3 channels ok there and the other 2 without sound at the moment.
4,153 H It tells me that it is encrypted. A Hyundai problem again.

4,183 H TCS International Singapore.
This is ok as well.
I think you have to look carefully at receivers as they are changing all
the time.
When I bought mine in April it looked like the best then.
With the CA module problem locking out a lot of FTA signals it doesn't look
so flash.
There is a mod coming out for this and it could be the best again.

Others are the Nokia and all its derivatives and there is one from Antares
the Espano. When the sensitivity problem is fixed.

Is the Mega TV bouquet at 3,780 V on Palapa C2 FTA or encrypted?
This is covered in the earlier part of the article.
I think a 100 foot dish or a very BIG wok should do the trick.

Also, do you know if decoders are available to people outside of Indonesia
for the Indovision bouquets available at 3,500 H and 3,580 H on Palapa C2??
Somebody said "Go to Indonesia for a holiday and get one".

MegaTV is the Malaysian cable TV which consists of five
channels (HBO, TNT/Cartoon Network, CNN, ESPN & Discovery) run by Cable
View Services in Kuala Lumpur. They are using Palapa C2 to
beam their services to East Malaysia (states of Sabah & Sarawak).

The answers to some of these questions will help determine whether or not I
purchase a digital reciever at this point in time.
It took me 18 months to make up my mind.
You could probably spend megabucks and buy some professional gear, but
thats not the point.
Any one have or tested the new Hyundai DBS 3001?
It is in the Italian market I believe.
Is it similar to the HSS 100c.

I think I will stick to amateur radio.
Thanks Tony for the questions.
Who has the answers??
Cheers to all
Bevin BODEN.

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