Merry Christmas.

To all the serious DX ers of satellites in Asia.
This is not the forum to have a subscrition to as most of it is frivolous?
So as the famous skeptical pessimist Peter C. Klanowski, pck@LyNet.De.would
Just Go Away.
But with Christmas cheer here we go!

For all the latest satellite update information look at
If you want a serious look at what is happening in Australia look at Peter
Merrets' Home page.

To the rest of you read on.
Asiasat2- http://www.satcodx.com/asiasat2.shtml
I have spent the last 10 days getting ready for that trip to NZ and
watching what new activity there is coming down to me.
First for the Hyundai brigade.  As I indicated last newsletter the new
upgrade chips would not receive Hallmark as it is now set up as the pids
have been changed back to DMV compliant? and work well with the old
software but no picture with the new software. When software comes out that
will let us change pids it will make the rx very versatile. Having said
that beware as it may need hardware modifications as well and this would be
more like brain surgery to accomplish.

New on the scene is Thaicom 2/3 testing well at 78.5 e.

3480 H Mpeg 2 clear  sr 26662  fec 3/4
3520 H Mpeg 2 clear  sr 26662  fec 3/4
Both of these signals are good strength into Adelaide and carry Thai Tv5
Programming on 4 channels and Colour Bars on the other 4.
Some of the programming is repeated at the moment.

3610 H VTV 1 and 3 Vietnam,PAL 6.6 mhz sound. I believe the other channel
for stereo is supposed to be there but I have not checked it yet. 7.02 mhz.
        The News in english can be seen at 06.30z and again at 16.00z
There are Vietnamese films from Hanoi, not Saigon.
For the uninitiated if you like chinese films, Hong Kong films are best and
Peking or Beiijing films are less popular.
In Vietnam Saigon (Ho Chi Min City) films are best and Hanoi films are less
popular. I had a Vietnamese couple watching tv last night and it was
interesting to see their reaction to the local tv and language.
Look at the web page for Thaicom 2/3,
Footprint maps showing Australian coverage can be found here as well by
clicking on the beam column Thaicom3 semi-global.
If you live in New Zealand you can use a long piece of co-ax and float your
dish on a raft just off the Australian 3 mile limit to receive this bird.
Point it at 0 deg off the horizon and look at the Sydney skyline.
If you wish I will be bringing a tape of the events with me to NZ and I
suggest leave a note with john@baysat.co.nz and I will try and pay you a
visit as well.
        Hey! while there send him an order for goodies as well.Buy your
wife a new dress and perfume for christmas and she can buy you a satellite
dish. Tell your wife that you can be first in the street with this new
Digital TV stuff.
Look at the options at http://www.baysat.co.nz
If you live in Invercargill I will be there about Dec 18th.
I am a radio amateur and as such interested in 50 mhz propogation so as the
That is the ionosphere livens up I hope to see some terrestial Australian TV.
Last year I was in Canberra with a TV I bought at Cash converters in
Wellington watching TV from New Zealand and speaking to a station in
Adelaide on 6 metres.
 I will have 2M and 70 cm aboard so hopefully I can talk satellite tv on
your repeaters this time.My callsign is VK5TV.(That is a gem for the radio
amateurs among you.)

For the rest of you in the Pacific EMTV is still there and I cannot see
anything of Apstar 2R either. It has been reported at good strength by
Peter Merret in WA.
One other thing when accessing Satcodx.com the extensions are all shtml now
instead of html so update those addresses.

If I find myself in a position to retrieve mail or send it I will try and
get a newsletter out whilst in NZ. Otherwise it will be the 6th of January
before you  read another Sat Australia.
I must not close without welcoming subscribers from Indonesia, Thailand,
and Malaysia who are all new this past fortnight.
Merry Christmas and a happy New year,
and as Tony Cooke in the Solomon Islands says,

lukim iu behaen


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