Comings and Goings.

Another departure Thursday was RCTI's horizontal signal. It is now available on
a vertical transponder. This raises a couple of posibilities about Palapa
as there are
potentially 2 spaces to be occupied by a new service. One is the
duplication of CNBC Asia and now the Horizontal spot left by RCTI.

A note from Nelson Dimas  the manager of TV 5 in New Zealand.
Nelson writes,
TV5 is going to absorb or merge with CFI in the
middle of March 98. This simply means that you will be able to see it in
analogue ( and continue to see it in digital as well). People who found it
too expensive to buy a new digital receiver and a larger dish will now have
a substantial decrease in cost. Cable companies alreading having a dish
pointing at Palapa will now be able to show TV5 at no extra cost. John
Lynman of Baysat TV informs me that you can get presently CFI in most part
of NZ with a 1.5m dish. There will be a mesh of the resources of the two
corporations ( avoiding costly duplication)  and a gradual increase in the
use of English subtitles. There will be also ( I am told) a new logo and an
improved Website.

My only reservation on this one is that it cuts down on the amount of
 french programming available. Then again it is better than none as
satellite space is still expensive.
Other things to happen recently,
A promo for Plus 21... Remember that on Gorizont about 18 months ago?
Yes it has returned and is on Palapa c2
3,800 H Pal 18-19.00 utc.
Another signal at good strength here in Adelaide is Sony Entertainment TV
on Thaicom 3
The frequency 3,520 H Pal 6.60 mhz sound.
Now the Winter Olympic games have finished Pas 2 has started to re instate
a couple of its' test cards.
Thie signal I was telling you about from I 706 has disappeared ,  no great
loss  to me as it was Eygptian and I still have not learnt the language.
It did prove that you can receive s4 pictures with a 2,4 metre dish from
signals 4 degrees off the horizon.
Those optus watchers are  enjoying a little FTA pay tv at the moment while
Optus get the system up and going.
Suits me a bit as it is the only example of pay tv that I can show to
people who ask me about it. You see I do not have pay tv and I do not get
time to watch it. It is interesting to look at it and maybe before it goes
I can give you a review of the programs. I should ask these people for a
commission as I think DTH will be the way we will go.
I have a whole editorial about Pay TV that I will put out later, I am still
looking for some more facts to fill in the fiction gaps.
It had to happen, EMTV has gone conditional access.
It was a nice relationship while it lasted.I enjoyed it for nearly 2 years.
So much for copyright protection.

If you don't make precise statements how can anybody argue with you?
Cheers for now,
Happy Viewing,
ęCopyright February 1998 Bevin BODEN and Sat Australia.

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