Interactive Television is here.

Optus Vision looks great, but will it help us poor folks outside Australia?
It's contour beam
is BADDDDD news for us non-aussie residents! What if I upgrade my 24' dish
to a 130' .....

Well I went from 8' to 15' and that was not as good as expected.
Must look at the feed and better LNB.

Also wanted to let you know that EMTV on AsiaSat-2 has gone CA!!! Yuk, I
loved that channel!

Yes so did a lot of others, and not for the Rugby and movies either.
It had a certain regional quality about it that made it the friendliest
television station I have ever seen.
and that was a letter and my reply,
Thanks to Richard Brooks.

Ok! Todays update goes like this...
Most of the shuffling seems to have settled down now.
Audio channels have been added to this transponder
The Names are correct but I do not gurantee the Pids.
I think Einstein could work them out if they are wrong.
With what I think is good quality and my limited sound system
only 2 channel stereo at the moment, the surround sound is not in circuit.
The audio channels give me good quality and I can tuRN THE WICK UP ANd
annoy the neighbours if I please. It sounds great.

12564 H Austar/ Optus Vision Tests      MPEG 2 SR 29473 Fec 3/4

TNT/Cartoon Network       V 512 A 650
BBC World                 V 513 A 651
TVSN                      V 514 A 652
CNBC                      V 515 A 653
Country                         A 653 or 654 the rest would follow.
Dance Techno                    A 655
Light Classical                 A 656
Top 100                         A 657
Environmental                   A 658
Cafe Jazz                       A 659
Radio Extra                     A 660
Classic Hits                    A 661

Well Mr OPTUS or AUSTAR If you give me a subscription I will continue to
tell people what they are missing. (That one is in my dreams.)
Anyway while it lasts for those with the combination of a Ku dish and a
digital satellite receiver (DVB compliant) and a few Galaxy subscribers
here is how it is working.

        Galaxy subscribers on MDS are receiving the Austar bouquet of 18
channels. Those are the ones on 12,564 Ghz. and 12,689 Ghz. Satellite
subscribers are receiving the same channels and probably some are receiving
Optus Vision as well on 12,626 Ghz. On Wednesday night at about 8.00 pm
before the shut down Galaxy satellite subscribers were asked to Select
Channel 22 wait 5 seconds and then select channel 1,they were programmed to
receive Austar.
This was all done on voice requests from Austar. Is this the first truly
interactive television exercise in Australia?

I dont know what you do if you weren't there maybe you have a useless black
box on the tele set.
The audio review.
You get these in the newspaper all the time, but not like this one.

Country Music.
A reasonable balance of well known artists and a few obscure ones.
Johnny Cash even got an airing. MUCH better than CMT the video channel.
Good for country fans.

Dance Techno.
Hmm... A bit like the noises I get in my amplifier when I turn it riGHT UP!!!
For people under 25 who need to destroy their hearing so as they cant hear
the whistle of the oscillator in the TV set. These people would NOT listen
to country music.

Light Classical
As it says Strauss Waltzes and more more popular of that type of music.
The little old lady that owns Tweety Pie and Sylvester would listen to this.

Top 100.
I suppose if you listen long enough you would hear Celene Dion?? singing
that Titanic song and U2 are probably at 99. Dont expect to hear Frank
Sinartra here.

Wallpaper music. You must have the correct wallpaper for this channel. If
you want to listen to it...Change the wallpaper.

Cafe Jazz
Jazz piano and you may hear Frankie Babe singing here. How much chance can
you give a channel with a 5 min review. Good atmosphere music for Jazz fans

Radio Extra
Seems like mostly 60s type music. for 50s and 60s fans this is a must.
You can see they had to hide it a long way away from the Dance Techno
fans.They would never be able to tune down here anyway.

Classic Hits
It explains itself. A good mix of contemporary music and a bit middle of
the road. No heavy metal or TEKNO.

These all come without any dialogue or commentary .
SShh! great for recording on tape for your own use.
Listen to Satellite audio in your car.

Don't expect daily newsletters all the time, just like the Optus FTA.
<<<IT won't last>>>>>
Not like Telesatellite Magazine, it lasts and lasts and last.....


 May 1998 by Bevin Boden and Sat Australia.

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