Hallmark & KIBC on Asiasat 2

--- Apstar 2R at 76.5E
Middle East Channel on 3,880H, MPEG-2/encrypted.
SR 28122, FEC 5/6, PIDs 0870/0848.
(An source of SR is SATCO DX)  

TVB 8 test card on 4,188V, PAL/clear.

---Asiasat 2 at 100.5E          
Hallmark & KIBC on 3,940V
Signal strength is good. but, IRD is not able to pick up PIDs.  
NOKIA is able to receive it, when The red menu is used.
It becomes an error when it is searched with the blue menu.
Hyundai HSS-100C is not able to receive it. 

--- Apstar 1 at 138E
SR and FEC for Baccarat Game Channel on 3,840H have changed 
to SR 6170 and FEC 1/2.
(An source of SR is SATCO DX)  
Reception report of MTV on 3,845V:
Good reception, with 3.6m dish. (Chiba, Japan)
Good reception, with 2.4m dish. (Beijing, China)
No reception, with 1.5m dish. (Beijing, China)
No reception, with 11 feet dish. (South India)

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