MBC and SBS on Koriasat 1/2

--- koriasat 1/2 at 116.0E:
MBC on 12,664H, MPEG-2/clear,SR 5079, FEC 7/8
SBS on 12,576H, MPEG-2/clear,SR 3000, FEC 2/2
Good reception with 2.5m and Hyundai HSS-100C.
(Source Y.Tanaka,  Dazaifu, Japan)

---Thaicom2/3 at 78.5E:    
Sony Entertainment TV has started on 3,520 H, PAL, 6,60/7,00.

Thai TV 5 Global Network packge has left 3,480 H.   

--- Asiasat 2 at 100.5E:
Hallmark & KIBC on 3,940V. It's able to pick up PIDs again.   
NOKIA9500S is able to receive both, when the red menu is used.   
It becomes no error when it is searched with the blue menu.
It's able to pick up PIds of KIBC. But, It' s can' t pick up Hallmark.   
Hyundai HSS-100C is able to receive both, with no problem.   

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