New MPEG-2 digital Package on Apstart 1

Nokia 9500 displayed 11 channels with blue menu on 3,800H.
parameter is SR 26650 and FEC 7/8.

1 Chanmel On
2 Golf Channel
3 TB
4 IBC 1
5 AB 
6 Channel Si
7 Channel seve
8 ch-8
9 RP
11 IBC 13

PIDs V067C is colour bars, Used red menu.

TB is TBN, RP is RPN. TBN and RPN is MPEG2-/clear, both are 525 line.
PIDs TBN: 05B4/058C, RPN: 0550/0528

I confirmed it in Nokia 9500 and Hyundai HSS-100C.
Nokia 9500 is able to receive RPN, but non audio. 
HSS-100C is able to receive RPN, but non audio and image is disorder.

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