NHK World TV

NHK will broadcast news and programs in digital format to almost every part
of the world  from April, 1998.
This is the start of " NHK World TV," a real time news and program service
available to every household that installs the recepiton equipment.
It is due to start in April in the Asia-Pacific region, and from October in
other parts 
of the world

* "NHK World TV" is an international broadcasting service of NHK, the Japan
  Broadcasting Corporation.Anyone can see it simply by installing an
antenna and
  other reception equipment. The service is not scrambled.
* The service is broadcast 18 hours daily, from 07:00 a.m.01:00 a.m. the
  day, Japan time. It consists of news, information programs, teletext news,
  weather reports, program guides, etc.
* "NHK World TV" is broadcast in two formats, both NTSC and PAL.
* A special contrast is required for reception of this service by
  stations, cable TV stations, hotels, etc.
* NHK's present TV international Broadcasting and TV-Japan services in North
  America and Eurore will remain unchanged.

When it Begins

"NHK World TV " starts in areas shown on the map according to the following

* Asia-Pacific Region (PAS-2 Satellite) 
------From April 1st, 1998
*Southwest and Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe
(PAS-4 Satellite)
-----From October 1st 1998
*South and North America (PAS-5 Satellite)
-----From October 1st, 1998

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