Sky Digital

  Most of you know that Sky are currently carrying out tests on Astra1D
at 28.5 Degrees East.
  Look at 11.778 V and 11.856 V & you'll see these transmissions.

   The latest on the receivers for BSkyB Digital is that Pace,Grundig &
Panasonic should
  have receivers ready for the launch -likewise Amstrad although I
haven't heard much
  news from them.
  [I have previously posted some details of the hardware.]
   The big question is when will they launch  ???
  Perhaps we should start a sweepstake!!!
  There are certainly delays due to the OpenTV software not being
ready.OpenTV are a
  3rd party  software developer under contract from BSkyB.So any delays
will not be the fault
  of the receiver manufacturers themselves.
  I would certainly expect to see working demonstrations at the "Cable &
satellite '98"
  (trade only) show which is at Earls Court,London from May 18th-20th.
  Perhaps they'll use the event for the launch.
  Has anyone got any further information or news regarding launch dates

 Chris Muriel,Manchester,UK

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