Q: I would like to install a own dish on my premises on the islands of 
Trinidad&Tobago. In order to receiver some of the US-satellites I understand 
it has to be large dish. Shall I buy the equipment in Europe? All the stuff 
is on the islands quite expensive.
G. Belz, Dinhard/Switzerland

Yes, it must be a larger dish. If you use a quality dish - usable for the 
ku- an c-band - it could be the 3,7m dish from IRTE (italy) or you could buy 
the same size in Micro-Mesh-quality from Orbitron. Advisable is a Corotor 
for c/ku-band reception, but it has to be the US-version, because c-band is 
in region 2 linear.Some receivers with low-threshold on the european market 
are switchable beetwen 240 and 115 V (Echostar LT8700) but you have to use 
video/audio out (RCA-conn.), since the european modulator will not work on 
NTSC-M. A 17K c-band lnc is fine. For the ku-band you can use the european 
version (10,7-12,75 GHz). So you will be prepared for future development. 
Also you will receive DW-TV via INTELSAT K. Footprints of all satellites and 
channel-listings for the Americas you can in the 4/96 issue of 
TELE-satellite magazine.

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