Sky in Germany

Q: Just tell me how can I get a good reception of the British Sky Channel. 
What I mean to say is Movie Ch., Sky-Sport, Sky-Movies ect. Do I need a 
decoder and a card?
De Guzman, Bhong, Dortmund/Germany

Yes, you will a decoder for VideoCrypt. Thatīs not all! You will need also a 
card and comes the problem. Illegal cards - sold all over Europe last year - 
do not work anymore. My advice: look for a relative or friend in the UK, pay 
him the fee for a official card and maybe some extra and you will be happy. 
Even if you can get hold of a illegal card in the near future, forget it! On 
the end you have payed mor money for several updates and you pay for the 
good one.

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