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>I am very much enjoying your "Sat-Spionage" articles in Tele-Satellit
>magazine (unfortunatly I have not seen the ones before the 1-96 issue and
>would very much like to obtain any previous articles,do you have any plans
>to make them avaliable on the web page??)I also would like to obtain any
>Tele-Satellit back issues that are avalible.Anyway I hope you can answer
>these questions..
>1- I am currently getting good results monitoring Inmarsat-A at 15.8
>degrees West using a L-Band Log Periodic and pre-amplifier,however I
>wondered if you knew a way of decoding the Fax and Modem data transmissions.
>I can hear them as audio but how to I get them into the Fax machine and/or
>Fax/modem to decode them?? I have seen some units based on a DAT Recoder/
>Fax machine combination but they are VERY expensive,can you suggest a
>cheaper alternative?
>2- I would like to purchase the Log Periodic antenna made by Frank Koditz-
>Nachrichten and get a catalogue of his other devices,could you provide
>full contact details? (an E-mail address would be excellent).The InfoFax
>number printed in the 1-96 issue of Tele-Satellit is unobtainable
>3- I plan to attempt to monitor the FDM transmissions from 24.5 West in the
>KU-Band,which is the best method (Feed the output from the LNB via a DC
>blocked splitter directly into the antenna input of the radio or use a 70mhz
>loop output?)I see you plan to cover SCPC and FDM reception in the next
>DrDishTV program,I`m sure it will answer a lot of questions!!
>4-Is DrDishTV avaliable on video?? I have had problems like others in
>receiving it in the past (Obstructions blocking my line of sight to the
>satellite).If any kind soul on the DrDish mailing list has any previous
>programs on video I would like to borrow or pay for copies (I will cover
>any costs on your part).Please E-mail Pfoster@shado.demon.co.uk if you can
>Many Thanks 
>Paul Foster
For previous sat-spy articles and issues of TELE-satellite, just contact 
TELE-satellite Customer Services, Silheimer Str. 6A, D-89278 Nersingen 
(CompuServe 100543,660)

1: We made our test with CODE-3 GOLD software, which are fine on this 
signals. For fax we are experimenting at this moment and hope to find a 
solution soon.

2: The company Koeditz moved to D-34119 Kassel, Schenkendorfstrasse 1A
Tel: +49-561-73911-34, Fax: +49-561-73911-35

3. For DFM in the Ku-band of INTELSAT 605: connect the baseband of your 
sat-receiver with antenna in of the shortwave-receiver (att. 20dB!) and tune 
in ssb between 0 and around 3 MHz. What you are describing is SCPC. I hope 
we can make it for the 26. of April, because there still some legal problems 
(telephony etc.) to be solved.

4: Videos of drdish@tv are available from Hans Juergen Reblin in Germany 
(+49-212-329857, also Fax).
Good luck!
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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