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>Questions:  Dear Dr.Dish,
>I intend to upgrade my system with a digital receiver. My aim is to watch 
as many channels as I will be allowed to in the near future.
>My problem comes out from noticing that every program sender has its own 
different encryption system. Tele+, the Italian sender, uses Irdeto for 
encryption. Others use Cryptoworks, Mediaguard and others.
>I know that Tele+ is offering PACE digital receivers. I was told that they 
are capable of decoding Irdeto signals. 
>But what happens tomorrow if RAI sets up a digital packet using, e.g., 
Cryptoworks? Do I have to buy another receiver to decode Cryptoworks, or is 
it possible to "install" a new decoding capability on the existing one?
>I fear users across Europe will have to spend lots of money on stacks of 
>Tommaso Mazzoni
This mpeg-receivers are made to sell national packages and nothing else. So 
if you got a package encoded in IRDETO and you want a second package encoded 
in something else, you will need another conditional access module and the 
proper card (if it is pay tv). But, not all receivers - made by the 
DVB-standards - are able to receive all packages in DVB. Confusing, but 
true. If you would like to watch feeds in mpeg, you have to spend much more 
to get a receiver able to receive the low datarate of a single carrier. The 
PACE which are in use in Italy ( and all others) are able to receive 
packages with a rate between appr. 15 to 30 Megasymbols per second. If you 
like to watch some other channels, you have to know the proper frequency, 
datarate and FEC. To change this parameters in your receiver-configuration 
you have to know also the pin-code (4 digits).
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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