Re: Purchasing a Dish for malta

>Dear Dr. Dish,
>I am writing from Malta in Europe. I am in the process of buying a 
>satelite dish. I was advised to purchase a 3.1M dish, but after visiting 
>several shops, I was re-advised to purchase a 1.8M dish , which they 
>proposed was sufficient. I was informed that the dish is an 'offset' dish 
>( I don't know what this means) therefore it is as powerful and effective 
>as a 3.1M. 
>Is this correct?
>Am I buying the right dish?
>The receiver has a threshold of up to 30 is this good or bad?
>Please answer as soon as possible as I must confirm the order today!
>Thanks for all your help.
>David Schranz
For recpetion of ASTRA, EUTELSAT (wide and super) and most of the INTELSAT 
in the ku-band 180cm and a receiver with threshold extension is fine. A 
offset-dish is suited for ku-band, but not very much for c-band. There are 
c-band feeds for offset dishes on the market, but its better in this case 
you switch to the 310m prime-focus dish. But beware of cheap offers, because 
they will not perform very well on ku-band. Orbitron offers a new 
mesh-version with smaller holes (Micro-Mesh). This construction is much more 
stable and comes in a good parabolic shape.
You did not write about the name of your receiver. But I think it is a 
UNIDEN or PALCOM. Both are suitable to receive weak signals and work fine 
with Ku-band and C-band LNBs.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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