Re: Satellite Radio Broadcasting

>Dear Dr. Dish:
>I am still waiting on a reply from you regarding the possibility of 
>broadcasting from a satellite in traditional short waive frequency 
>mode, so that short waive radio owners could get a reception of a 
>non-short waive up-link from the US?
>I have closely studied the Short Waive Regulations Law of this country 
>and think it is a nightmare. Not only is there not a single short waive 
>station I could get on a good short waive radio here in California (NOT 
>A ONE!) the very regulations make it a NO CAN TOUCH MEDIA...
>Since I am interested in broadcasting and in sheer numbers eurasian 
>short waive radios would beat any other global reception mode in 
>existence by a factor of 100 to one or better, CAN ONE DO SATELLITE 
>BROADCASTING IN SHORTWAIVE MODE? What do you think? Any suggestions on 
>which Satellite owner to approach etc... Thank you, Dr. M.

There is one way to reach the East-European Countries by shortwave.You have 
to uplink your signal to the Russian GORIZONT satellite on 14 west in 
scpc-mode. Its the cheapest way. This signal could be downlinked to various 
short- and mediumwave-stations in Easter-Europe and parts of Asia for 
retransmission. This is done by an relig.-station out of the USA 
successfully. For further information pls. contact Vladimir Borovkov, 
Marketing Director of INTERSPUTNIK, Moscow via Fax: +7095-2539906 or via 
e-mail: dir@intersputnik.msk.ru
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel
live via DFS-II (28.5E)

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