Re: Minimum diamterer for Ku/C band reception in Rome

>Hi, I'd like to expand my satellite set-up to receive also
>programmes from the C band. I already have a Pace ms1001-ip receiver, a
>Chaparral tri-band lnb (0.7 db n.f. and 56 db gain typ.), a 24 inches
>Echostar actuator and a 180 Irte dish. What diameter should I consider
>buying without spend a lot of money (preferably a dish from Irte) to
>receive C band satellites with fairly good reception (say CCIR scale 3)?
>Thanks in advance. 
Since the siganlstrength varies in the c-band very much, it is impossible to 
give advice depending on the CCIR scale. If it is for your own private 
dx-purpose, I would look for the 240cmdish from IRTE. Much better would be 
the 2,7m version, if you use a corotor or similar equipment. During a visit 
to Modena I tried the 270cm version (I believe it was an IRTE-dish) on both 
bands with good results. A receiver with threshold-extension is advisable.
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