INTELSAT K mit 90cm u. 1,8m

>Living in the german city of Anklam, I got from one of your colleagues the 
>advice to install for Intelsat-K reception a 90cm-dish for the Euro-beam 
.But >if I would use a 180cm dish, I could receive EDTV from the same 
satellite. The >values he calculated for Berlin. This combination suits me, 
because I have to >use a fixed dish. In this case I would be able to receive 
Reuters digital >services and also my home channel EDTV. In order to be on 
the save side I need >an C/N of 9 dB.
>Informations of this kind a simply wrong, as I learned now, because EDTV is 
>somewhere in the noise. Trusting your expertise, I kindly ask you to give 
me >the correct data.
>M.Selvin (G.D.C.), Anklam, Germany

Sorry for the wrong advice you got. Probably you got in touch with a 
frequency collector. If this people see a signal and identify the logo, they 
will call it "reception". The EIRP for EDTV (directed to the US) is only 30 
dB and this means for a clear sky C/N of 9 dB: 5 meters.
My advice is to invest in a second 90cm dish for EUTELSAT-HOTBIRD and switch 
between the two satellites.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel
live via DFS-II (28.5°E)

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