Re: Pace DVR 500 ... 6 mbits/Sec ?

>Dear Dr. Dish,
>(this is a rather long letter, sorry)
>I am a loyal tele-satellit reader (5 month now) and a regular contributor to 
>SATCODX. I have been reading all your articles and Dr.dish's Q/A and 
decided to 
>present to you the following problem : 
>\\\Maybe first u should have some backGround information :
>I live in LEBANON, and have one 1.8m prime focus dish (C/KU 10.9-11.7) and one 
>1.2 offset Full band Ku. Both are motorized (1.8 with inclined orbit 
>My receiver/positioned is a strong 1500LT (give a good quality picture). I can 
>receive "some" astra channel from my 1.2m dish (vertical polarity only, varies 
>with weather condition).///
>I recently purchase a pace 500DVB from the local DSTV dealer (DSTV middle east 
>on PAS-4). This receiver allows only the reception on "irdeto" channels (DSTV 
>11.464H, multichoice africa 3.716V on pas-4 and tele-pu 11.283V on 
hot-bird) and 
>totally "clear" broadcasts (european Bouquet on asiasat2 at 4000H). I will 
>forever if one tries to receive VIACOM package from eutelsat (11.238V 
>cryptoworks) or STAR TV (asiasat2 3.700V encrypted!).
>Furthermore, the receiver does not allow Rates below 15000 (i.e. 15mbits/sec).
>Now to my surprise, my dealer has 2 "old" demo module for "STRONG" and 
>Mpeg2 receiver (designed to receive Multichoice africa and multichoice 
>southafrica) that can go below 15000!!!
>I have borrowed this receiver (it is a demo module and not for sale). It have 
>the following IRD info :
>ird 1.1.5  firmware 2.0
>loader 1.8  2:0:0:OK 
>software v1.1.05.h 3/11/95 (L-16)
>This receiver has almost the same menus and menu design as the pace dvb500 and 
>the same chipset (NTL) !!!!
>I could receive WTN (2f1 12.568H fec:3/4 rate : 5632)
>                APTV (2f1 12.548H fec:3/4 rate : 5632
>		KralTV (2f2 11.631V fec 3/4 rate : 5632)
>When the receiver locks to the signal, i get the name of the channel and a 
>message "service not running", so i turn it off and on again, or use tv guide 
>button to reselect the channel and ... Voila the picture appears !!!!!
>Picture quality is SUPER much better then CNN on hotbird (lower compression i 
>The only problem with this receiver is its AFC. If i tune to 12.558H on 2f1, 
>sometimes i get WTN, sometime i get APTV !!
>the connections (serial port, high speed port audio, video,lnb ...) are 
>identical on both receivers!
>I guess that the restriction on pace's 15000 rate is purely software ! what 
do u 
>think ?
>Is their any way to transfer the software of the strong receiver to the 
pace dvb 
>500? or is their a way to control the pace 500 from the computer via the 
Thanks for your very informative mail. The softawre of the early types of 
PANASAT are not transferable to other brands. You can control the Pace from 
a PC, but this gives you no entry to lower datarates. All the parameters to 
control a MPEG-receiver by a PC you could find in the TECHNICAL 
published by the ASTRA Technical Department in Luxembourg. Very usefull, but 
heavy stuff, are the Conference Papers of the IBC 1994 in Amsterdam (write 
to: IBC, Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL U.K., Fax: +44-71 497 3633).
For drdidh@tv and TELE-satellit magazine I would like to get some 
videomaterial about your satellite receiving equipment and receivable 
satellites. Please let me know if you are able to provide our viwers and 
readers with this material.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Home-page: http://www.TELE-satellit.com
Producer of DR.DISH TV
The first European Satellite Information Channel
Home-page: http://www.sat-net.com/drdish/

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