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Against all your warnings I purchased the new german d-box and here starts 
the trouble. No problem to receive the german packages, but no RTL-TV, 
Worldnet, AB-Sat. The package of foreign channels in Germany via DFS are not 
receivable. Also no luck on the channels on 16 east.
Confusion arises if I read the d-box report on Norbert Schlammers Newsletter 
here in the net. He tested over the weekend this box and came more or less 
to the same results. But why he is complaining about missing information on 
audio-subcarriers. Are the radio-stations transmitting via sub-carriers? If 
one uses the search-mode, no frequency indication is given. After three days 
of playing around, I come to the conclusion it is useless piece of 
electronics for somebody how wants to watch other packages or stations. And 
why they dont produce a receiver able to receive analogue and digtial signals.
Dr. H. Fessler, D-Diessen

"I say it only once": This boxes are only a piece of technics, belonging to 
a particular program-package and nothing else. Each package works only with 
the national viewing card and the proper Conditional Access Module. This 
includes also the so called "free channels": no card, no viewing. Even if 
you have an Irdeto CAM, this does not mean you will receive the 
Irdeto-encoded signals from a other provider. The datarate runs in this 
home-boxes between 15 and 30 Msymb/s. SCPC-siganls in MPEG are transmitted 
in lower rates and cant be detected. So forget 16 east. The signals from 
TV10 and TMF are NTL-encoded and running with 5.632 (FEC 3/4). So, no chance!
There are no audio subcarriers used in this mode, because everything is 
inside the package and there is no difference between digital audio or 
video. Only audio requires less space inside the package.
Dont expect by buying a d-box a piece of high technology. Its constructed 
and build for easy use on a fixed dish. Just to receive the channels you 
paid for and nothing else. In the winter time you can use the box as an 
additional heater, because its not quite a fridge.
An dual-receiver (analogue and digital) is planned by a smaller company and 
will be soon on the market. At this time I have no permission to reveal the 
companys name.
For all interested in MPEG-frequencies: N. Schlammer did a good job in 
listing all Astra-MPEG-frequencies in his SAT-INFO from yesterday. Just 
subscribe the service - free of charge - via TELE-satellit online.
In drdish@tv on august 9th we will try to answer all MPEG-questions and will 
give some hints how to receive the signals with higher or lower datarates.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Home-page: http://www.TELE-satellit.com
Producer of DR.DISH TV
The first European Satellite Information Channel
Home-page: http://www.sat-net.com/drdish/

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