Link USA-Middle East

>Our needs:
>AV-Link from New JerseyUSA to Jiddah/S.Arabia for 4 hours/week in digital 
video >compression and encryption. Ku-Band would be prefered.
>On this side we could not find even one expert in the field. Could you give 
us >some advice and the name of a reliable US-uplink facility?
>J-Production Center, Jiddah, Saudi-Arabia
Kelly Broadcasting System should meet all your requirements. The company has 
an Ku-band uplink facility in Atlantic-City which is able to link with 
INTELSAT K, PAS-1 and ORION F1. Digital compression and additional 
encryption can be provided. Just contact Mike Kelly at 414 Eagle Rock 
Avenue, Suite 200, W.Orange, NJ 07052, USA, Phone +1-201-736 0800, Fax: 
+1-201-736 5185
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