Holger Zeissler forwarded your questions to me.

The software of the STRONG DVB and the PACE DVR 500 is not identical. Thats 
the reason you can run lower rates then 15 Msymb/sec.

VIACOM: Some of the channels should go open with both receivers, even VIACOM 
uses Cryptoworks. (11.238 GHz, vertical, 27.5 Msymb/sec, 3/4)
Error 65 means: NO TV/AUDIO CHANNELS

ASIASAT: I have no information on this satellite

WORLDNET on EUTELSAT IIF1: you have to go to 12.567, horizontal (5.632  3/4) 
and it will work on the STRONG

To communicate with the MPEG-Receiver, just try normal terminal software. 
DVB-Standard is 2400 Bd, Start bit, 7 data bits, Parity (even), 1 Stopbit
Hardware handshake RTS CTS
Here are some commands:
Line Feed: CTRL +J
Carriage Return: Return
Adjustment of frequency: <LF>Fxxxxx<CR>
Datatransmission is done in ASCII

But in due time there will be plenty of control-software, because people 
started allready to do the fine job.

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Thanks for valuable additional information on ASIASAT 2.
From where did you get the STRONG DVB? Because is not sold here in Europe. I 
do for our magazine a lot of testing, but untill now we got from STRONG only 
analouge receivers.
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