Greetings from Tierra Abajo

Our SPACE-NEWS specialist John Locker just came back from Tierra Abajo with
a personal letter written by chief Aviator Spiritus AbajO:

>Hey Doctor Dish man..how am you?
>Its your good friend Spiritus here,I am writing to you cos I know you will
>be anxious to know how my master plan to bring Satellite TV to Tierra Abajo
>is going.
>Well as you know I struck this deal of the century with them soviets,an now
>we am uplinking from my state of the art,glow in the dark,satellite truck 24
>hours a day...well not quite...we am still having the problems with the
>wobbly bird and there are only about 100 of my wonderful citizens with
>receivers an dishes, but..I am striking another glorious deal with Abajo TV
>supplies,the multi-store chain here in Tierra,..which I happen to own...and
>we am giving away satellite systems at very reasonable prices...and my
>people am queuing up to buy them....
>...especially when they  realise that my chief of Police (Who just happens
>to be me again..!) is systematically checking all them well to do Abajians
>who have bought equipment,and crossing them off the experimantal Gas Grenade
>Yer know some funny things am been happening here,them smelly old gas
>cannisters keep finding their way through house windows in the middle of the
>night..an not one of them people have satellite systems....peculiar!
>Anyway..wot am they watching on Tierra TV1 you may ask...well blow me,the
>expertise of Aviator Spiritus has secured some wonderful programming from my
>favourite country..,Australia!
>This am the high class stuff  I think you calls the Opera of the
>Soaps...only the best for my people!!...them Australian actors are so damn
>good they appear in all the different programmes as different people...just
>like me,so damn versatile!
>This is of course part of my National plan to educate the people fortunate
>to be ruled by me , in the speaking of the English language,by watching the
>I am being a little confused  here as I was thinking that operas had more of
>the music bits,but perhaps the Australian people are good actors but, not
>very good singers.
>Now the most wonderful thing of all..most programmes are full of them
>clifhanger thingies,and my men at the uplink van time them so that just as
>the action starts,the old signal drops away,as my good friend Gorizont goes
>wobbling!..cunning eh?...that way we can replay  the programme later showing
>the good bits.......
>I have to admit that I am a remarkable business man..I am thinking of
>writing the book about it,but when you am as popular as I am,time is being
>Between you and me,very soon we will be scrambling the channel,cos I know my
>wonderful people will become,how you say..hooked..? on them programmes ,they
>will pay anything for one of them decoder gadgets!
>This am the wonderful world of satellite TV,I am so happy with my success
>that Tierra Abajo am having 12 new public holidays..they will be on the
>second Friday of each month,when all satellite transmissions will stop for
>24 hours..after that my country folk will be missing  the operas so
>much,they will watch them even more!
>Meanwhile I will be able to play with my dish truck on those holidays , and
>look at them other satellites to get some ideas....I am thinking I could
>even try shooting my own signal up to one of them..how you feel about me
>appearing on your show...the Dr Dish TV..live from Tierra Abajo?...Never
>mind that Space-News chappie  from Liverpool,he am a boring old **@@~~@@~**
>, you get some real news from Tierra, the centre of the Universe, on the
>cutting edge of satellite technology.
>So..its a pleasure for you to hear from me..I am off now to fill some more
>of them gas cannisters......By the way,who am this Murdoch fella ?
>Dictated by the Great Aviator Spiritus Abajo
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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