Re: SCPC on Eutelsat II F1 (or Hot Bird)

At 03:11 16.10.1996 +0200, you wrote:
>I have connect my handheld scanner-receiver, an very good AOR-8000
>(0-1950 mhz ALL MODE) to my dual feed dish, thru a weel know method of
>splitting signal that comes form LNB, and add a DC bloker to the exit
>for the scanner.
>I have 2 grunding universal LNB with 100 cm dish and Pace 300 recevier
>The idea is to receving the SCPC radio signal present on trasponder 22L
>of Eutelasat II F1, data found on chart aviable on www.satcodx.com, but
>without result.
>My only idea is that my splitter-DC-blocker have a loss of 9db on the
>exit that i connect to scanner, but i have also try to connect it to
>another satellite recevier, and the image seens very good also from this
>The frequency of SCPC carriers start from 11.123 to 11.130 ; first i
>have try with OL freq. of 9750, and synt my scanner from 1373-1380 but
>nothing, second i have try with HIGH OL freq. of my LNBs, 10600, and
>synt my scanner from 523 to 530, but nothing.
>I have scanning the range of freq in WFM (150 khz), FM, USB, LSB, but i
>don't have hear nothing of compresible, only noise. :(
>Have any idea of why i cannot hear the SCPC signal?
>Something of wrong in my setup? too small dish? or the SCPC signal are
>You think that i can hear some FDM signal with a 100 cm dish?
>If you think yes, what are a good satellite to try, and if you know
>frequency of FDM transponder (exist a chart like TV signal?)
>And last, i have read the online translation of your !!!FANTASTIC!!!!
>articles on Tele-Satellit: Do-It-Yourself-Espionage and other, but i
>have found only the last articles, of 1996, you have an comprensive
>archive of that?
>Where i can get a copy, or if is not aviable online, you can send the
>file to me? 

>Franco Cristini (IW2KPL)
>Mediacom System Manager

You tried to receive on transponder 22A the digital radio package for the
Netherlands. No chance no get them with you analogue equipment. For the
Radionet 250-system you will need a quite expensive digital receiver. The
only signal you get is some noise of the 9 different channels.
Analogue SCPC in the european ku-band is very rare.For FDM you could try the
INTELSAT 605, but I am afraid your dish is too small. Even with a 180cm
dish, you have to use full threshold extension (in FDM) in order to hear
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