RTL (SCPC) in Lebanon

At 22:23 01.11.1995 +-200, you wrote:
>Dear Dr. dish,
>Greetings from lebanon
>In your e-mail, you mentioned RTL si on a SCPC receivable in the
middle-east, can you tell me the satellite and the freq. used by rtl ?
>I can receive filmnet from eutelsat1f4 11.095 using my pace dvr 500. This
signal can be received in the clear even if the IRDETO pcmcia card is
removed, so the signal must be in mpeg2 clear !
>Is their any way to upgrade the pace dvr500 software ? Do you know of any
software to control the dvr500 via the serial port ?
>Thank you in advance
>ghassan tabet
RTL-TV uses txp. 33 (11.610 GHz, horizintal) on the HOTBIRD-position in MPEG
(SCPC 6.000 Msymb/sec and FEC 2/3). I don´t think there is a upgrade from
MCPC to SCPC for the DVR 500 available.

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