At 14:16 01.11.1996 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi drdish,
>short question: Is it possible to upgrade my reception of TELE-X, SIRIUS,
>TV-SAT2 in D2-MAC with the DIGITEX-Box, you presented in the last
>TELE-satellite (7-8/96, pp216-218)). I receive the satellites in Bonn,
>Germany with a KATHREIN 90cm-dish, SMW-Multiband-LNB, PACE-MSS1000VCP and
>PACED150-Decoder. I am expiriencing fading signals and drop-outs on the above
>mentioned satellites, as soon as the weather is not clear...
>What costs the DIGITEX, and may its forerunner do the job as well and
>Thanks for your help
Hi Marc,
A DIGITEX will not work on any MAC-signal, because this mode needs the whole
given bandwidth. The only way to get a strong and stable signal on the
nordic satellites is, to enlarge your dish.

DIGITEX arbeitet nicht mit MAC-Signalen, denn die benoetigen die gesamte
vorgesehene Bandbreite. Hier hilft nur noch der groessere Spiegel.

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