Lost inside the d-box

>Country:  Italia
>Questions:  If I changed some parameters in d-Box Service Menu how can I
initialize it with default values?
>Can I damage it ? 
>Can you give me more details to start up a program on a PC connected via RS232?
>Has Nokia planned to avoid access to service menu in the next software release?
>Grazie !! Salvatore
1. Here are the Lost Inside the d-box Departement:
Go to the Main Menue
Select PgUp General Functions
You are now in CONFIG MENU 1
Select 3: Load Default TS
Enter this choice and you should see some daylight again.

2. Wer got only some commandos, which a described one answer earlier (read
Dr.Dish interactive and online via www://http.tele-satellit.com/

3. We can´t say what Nokia is doing in future. The update is coming from DF1
and have other problems at this moment (read or subscribe "in-sat" EXTRA
from January 22, 1997 via www://http.tele-satellit.com/)
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