Re:D Box wont work anymore.

At 14:30 06.03.1997 -0500, you wrote:
>Dr Dish
>We lost power for a minute. The D box wont work now.  The signal strength is
>zero now on the Antenna installation bar where it is normally filled with
>red. How can I make the D Box work again?  I tried rebooting. I tried pulling
>the plug.  No success.
>I have been receiving C Band - every time I go to the signal, to bring it in
>I haveto remove the LNB cable and re - insert it a few times - then the
>signal bars on the front of the receiver fill in and the signal is there -
>but today that wont work.
>May I hope for your early reply. Thanks.
It looks to me that your lnb refuses to work. Did you try another lnb
(ku-band)? In the old analogue days a weak lnb could be alive for certain
time giving some electro-shocks, like you did (coax cable of/on). If your
d-box works as a slave receiver, please describe your installation a little
bit more detailed.
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