Re: Mascom 9200 in the US?

At 10:36 31.05.1997 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello Dr Dish,
>I read your mailing list every day, it is very good and helpful.
>I live in USA, and I am trying to pickup the "ART" on "ORION" here in
>the states, I
>know its FTA at least for now.
>My question is: Any idea how and where can I buy the "Mascom 9200" and
>any idea about
>the cost if this box, and can I upgrade it in the future?
>Many thanks to you
>Tony Nohra

The ART-channel is FTA, but the 9200 will not do the job, since the output
is in PAL and not NTSC. Next: I am not sure if the box runs on 60Hz. For
further information just contact Mascom at http://www.satshops.com/
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
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