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>City: Hafnarfjordur
>Questions: Dear Dr. Dish
>I have been reading your columns with interest. I wonder if you could help
me with the following problems:
>1. I have an Echostar 8700 receiver for analog transmissions and a Nokia
d-box 9500S for digital reception. My disk is 1.8 m with a Grundig Universal
LNB (0.7 db). How do I connect the receivers and how do I switch from one
receiver to another. Today I use a manual switch  but I would like to be
able to watch both receivers at once.
>2. My d-Box (9500 S) is without a CAM module. I would like to be able to
receive Filment 1 and 2 on ASTRA and/or FN2 on I707. Can I fit in the
relevant CAM module. As I understand it the CAM module is like a PCMCIA card
(used in laptops) and it seems to be a socket for such a card in the receiver.
>3. I would like to watch your satellite shoe on Kopernikus. Should I be
able to catch that in Iceland (I live close to Reykjavik)
>Sincerely and many thanks
>Bardur Sigurgeirsson MD, PhD, Iceland

Nokia offers a switch, installed between the two receivers and the LNBF.
This means only if you switch on the Nokia, the 8700 will be inactive and
LNB-control is made by the Nokia. If you switch on the 8700, the Nokia
switches off and controlling is done by the 8700.
You can insert a CAM. Open the frontpanel, then remove carefully the shining
through plastic cover in front of the display. Now you can insert a CAM
carefully below the display. But for viewing FN via Astra, you will need a
MultiChoice card. Try Intelsat 601 on 11.474 horizontal (17.500, 7/8,
Bandwidth: 24, V-PID: 4200 A-PID: 4280 for FN-1).

For drdish@tv you have to try. We got once a report from Iceland. Try during
the next show on June 13 via DFS-II (28.5 degr. East) 11.548 vertical,
audio: 6.65 MHz. From 20:00h until 23:00h (CET).

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
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