Re: Mascom 9200 problems

>City: Stavanger
>Dear Dr.Dish
>i have tried to send you an e-mail several times, but haven`t been luck on
reciving any answer on my questions.
>Well i hope that you will have time to answer this and some of my previous
questions that i am trying to e-mail you again.
>I am a subscriber to your Tele-Satelitte magazine and i have to say that it
is an brilliant magazine and it has helped me alot.
>Well my problem is with the Mascom 9200.
>I am not able to recive all the Free to Air channels with the reciver and i
am not sure what i am doing wrong. 
>e.g the Filmnet channels Benelux and Nordic package on intelsat 601. The
reciver has a read out on the signals, but it doesn`t display it, and when i
find it through the red menue. I can see the picture and the channels are
beeing displayed on the normal menue, but still no picture and the frequency
is wrong every time i try. The reciver gives me an  message " No or Bad
signal) and no signal is dipalyed on the front panel.  What is the problem.
The problem is also with the orion package on the orion satellite. Please
help me on this subject.
>My second problem is that the reciver locks itself some time under th red
menue.  Why ?
>Third problem is that sometime the reciver is not able to read any signal
and i have to switch the reciver off and on. Why ?
>Fourth problem is that some of the channels i may see the picture, but
sometime the picture gets splitt up, like you can see th picture getting
split up and then back together.
>I have set up my Mascom reciver with an Pace mss 508 ip motorized system.
Is this the problem. On the analouge the frequency is on the top level.
>One more thing is how am i supposed to now when to search for a channel on
12 v and when to search on the channel on 0 v.
>And i am not able to recive any signal on the Espn 2 on the Pas satelitte ?
Can you help me there
>I hope that you will be able to help me on these questions since i really
need your expertize.
>I may also add that i have been able to locate the Asianet channel on the
Orion satelitte with the Macom reciver, but only through the red menue. By
the way when will the new software of Mascom be out ?
>Thank you 
>Matin Butt
New software should available this days from Mascom. Just go to
http://www.satshops.com and look for new information. I use the Mascom too,
but in connection with the external software "D-REMOTE". Sorry, I have to
mention the piece of software all the time. I do not get by them, but this
software makes life easier and I got good results on Intelsat 601 and also
on Asianet. More information on http://www.awihg-sat.de/
 ESPN via PAS-3R is in PowerVu and encoded.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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