Re: phased locked loops and reception of MPEG2 signals

At 17:05 24.08.1997 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm investigating the issue of combining the outputs of 2 (or more)
>Ku-Band LNBs, on two identical dishes, so that they are in phase and
>then fed into one receiver.  I know it is done with radio telescopes
>(phased arrays) and I've spoken to a few people regarding this issue.
>My understanding is that a phased locked loop is what is required.  The
>idea is that rather than using a massive dish (16 meters) I can combine
>smaller dishes to get the same outcome.  I've succeeded in doing it in
>UHF/VHF.  Could you please point me to someone who manufactures aunit
>thatallowsme to do this. It has become a matter of desperation I wonder
>if you can help.
>Secondly, I'm new to digital broadcast and MPEG signals.  Currently I
>have a PACE MPEG2/DVB IRD with IRDETO CAM and Smartcard.  This is used
>for the Multichoice DSTV C-Band package in Africa.  After reading one of
>the latest TELE Satellite magazine I tuned onto Intelsat 703 on 57 deg
>East.  I was able to pick up the C-Band ART package in MPEG2.
>Unfortunately it seemsthere is an incompatability issue.  The same
>happened to me on Intelsat 707 on 1 deg west when I tried to pick up
>AFRTS and DW.   At some points, my IRD would not accept the 4 digits
>symbol rates.  It accepts 5 digits though.  Could you please inform me
>as to what IRDs I need to get the above packages and if subscriptions
>are requiredas well as where I can get them from (in Europe or the
>Middle East).
>I would be highly appreciative if I could receiveyour urgent attention
>as I'm running against time and you are my last hope.
>Thanks in advance.
>Ghassan Laba

Switching together 2 or more dishes was been done years ago by DH-Antenna
(USA) successfully in South-America. But only in the not so sensitive
c-band.  DH is still testing in Ku-band. In 1993 I wrote for TELE-satellite
an article regarding this matter (2x5=10). Have a look into the TSI-archives
at www.TELE-satellit.com. You should contact DH-Antenna (Fax:
+1-608-326-4233). I german company (Greiner in Loerrach/Germany is also
testing in the ku-band).

You PACE-receiver is not able to receive SCPC or lower Symbolrates as 15
Msymb/sec. This the reason for not receiving DW. Nokia/Mascom 9200S and 9600
will do the job. For the ART-package a XCOM/XSAT CDTV 200 or 300 which comes
with a Viaccess-CAM is needed. Please contact for the receiver and the card
STS-Satellitentechnik in Solingen/Germany (Fax:+49-212-310448). I just
tested the CDTV 200 for TELE-satellite International (issue 9-10/97) which
is now on sale. Again, AFRTS yopu will only with the official agreement of
AFRTS and the suitable S.A. PowerVu-receiver.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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