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1 .... so it is very difficult to find a proper antenna to receive Inmarsat.
Koeditz offers the offset-solution, which is not suitable,since I would like
to mount the antenna besides my turnable dish. This allows me to pinpoint
from my position 3 Inmar-and Marisats. Nice would be a yagi for this
frequency-range. Did you test something and will we read the results in the
magazine or see it on your tv-show.

2 ....Could you publish the frequencies with the strange content, mentioned
in your last show?

3 .... why is drdish@tv not present during the IFA in Berlin, since it is
the only reliable tv-program dealing with all aspects of satellite-tv?

G.Darieux, DatCom, Belgium


1. I know the problem, because we would like to connect the l-band antenna
in the same way. A UK-company offers a suitable antenna with highgain
amplifier, but we did not receive a test-sample, which would be otherwise in
the show on September 12. The koeditz-solution is quite nice and I got some
positive reaction from a user. So we will try to get hold of one of this
antennas, but have to live the long delivery time. If our readers know some
other supplier of yagi´s for Inmarsat, please let us know.

2. This frequencies change constantly and you need some patience to find
some of this hard-stuff-deals, but be aware of the law in your country. The
new confidential fx-list for Inmarsat-Marisat is in progress.

3. we should be at Berlin, but finances are not permitting such expenses and
we believe the two german public broadcasters will report in a very
interesting way (so long as the leave Mr Puetz (WDF) at home).

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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