Re: echostar 5500

At 10:01 19.10.1997 -0400, you wrote:
>Can you tell me where to start looking.
>I have purchased the above equipment second hand.
>I have tried setting it up but I get Motor Error No 14 and the receiver
>clicks when I try to move the dish via the receiver.
>I have connected to the B4 terminal strip as follows
>White   -   White/Green
>Green  -   Green/White
>Nothing to red
>Black  -   Black
>Red    -   Shield
>I am not sure what sensor type actuater I have. Would it cause a problem if
>I tried connecting the red to the red terminal and had the incorrect
>Can you suggest in which order I should check things.

The B4 connectios you have made are good for a reed-type motor. Just open
the motor-box and check if got a reed-motor. If you see a little black wheel
and on the top of this a reed-relay, then check the wire on the
motor-connector. The two thick wires you go to M1 and M2 on the B4-terminal.
Shield and a second thinner wire go the appr. connectors on the receiver
(sensor and ground/shield). If you got a opto-type motor connect the the red
wire to the 5V terminal.

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