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At 18:45 19.10.1997 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Dr. Dish:
>Last fall we installed a receiving system consisting of a 10-foot
>fiberglass dish with a C and Ku-band LNB.  We have a Uniden 590
>The installation was to allow us to receive programming in the french
>language.  Since then the International channel has gone digital, as has
>SCOLA and even the french channel from Montreal Canada.  Now we have
>Is there a way we can receive french programming from another service or
>another satellite using our existing equipment?  If not, what would be
>I understand there is an Intelsat satellite that transmits from Europe
>to the US; does it carry french?  Can I receive it?  I understand also
>that there is a french station called TV-5 that is well rated; is it
>We are located in Michigan, about 43 Deg N, 83 Deg W.  Thank you.

You are just another victim of digital-tv. TV-5 is a well rated channel and
is analogue and free of charge available inside Europe. This channel will
come to the US in january 1998 via the ECHOSTAR-system. This means, you will
have to pay US$ 9.95 a month and to buy a Echostar digital package.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
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